Savage Children by John Leet

2017 Savage Children

There's a war on in California between the Reds and the Blues, and the kids under the bridge are caught in the middle. Meet Bianca, her friends call her Bee, she may be small but she's an orphan who doesn't let people bully her easily. She got caught in the system and bounced between foster homes, and she swears, it's not her fault the house burned down. Then she met Darnel and the other street kids who welcomed her into their family under the highway. When The Thin Man comes, Elly told her, you run, you hear? And she did. She really tried, but his voice! As the illusions of her childhood fall away she sees the world for what it really is, she grows angry with their situation and lays out a plan to take down all those preying on her and the other Pipe Kids.
For Bianca, it's not where you start out, it's where you end up that matters.
"Lord of the flies for the modern age"
~ The Telegraph.

DarkPool by John Leet

2018 Darkpool

Jason Brent is a cold-hearted financial trader with no concern for the lives ruined by his decisions, both privately and professionally. His own life is destroyed when he trades his company into bankruptcy, but Brent suspects foul play. He identifies the culprit and embarks on an epic journey through China. Now penniless, he must use his trading skills to survive, and discover the dark secret behind the collapse.

"Delves deep into the world of Digital Trading. If money is your game, this is your book."
~ The Southern Herald.

Supermodel by John Leet

2016 The Mouse who Became a Supermodel

Amanda is a little mouse with big dreams. The modeling world, however, is a profession strictly reserved for aloof cats, creatures with claws and teeth. Amanda befriends the king of the lions to give her a helping paw, he may be toying with her, but they form a friendship of sorts and work together. The world is not ready for a mouse, and Amanda will have to reinvent herself to survive...
SuperModel is part fantasy, part allegory of urban life. Animal Farm for the new millennium.

John Leet, Author, Journalist, Editor.
Author of contemporary and urban fiction. Occasional computer programmer.
Manuscript Editing and Proofing.

Contact - john [at]

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About The Author
John Leet was born a small and charming dog under a railroad bridge in California. He promptly learned to use his paws for writing and wreading and writhmatic. On weekends he can be found running around town arguing with all the other hobo dogs about the plight of cats, squirrels, and postmen.

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The Eternal Now.
Brexit Blues, a Poem.
Nil by Mouth, a Poem.
How To Kill Your Boss (Short Story)
The Growing tale of My Secret Family
The Scars on Her Body Form Words
Money Makes The World Go Mad
Suffer To Be Beautiful
Radio Frequencies

2019 Conspiracy Theory

When his military drone attacks US citizens on US soil, ex navy test-pilot Gabriel Phillips is accused of a war crime he didn't commit. Hunted by the military police and the CIA, the only way for Gabriel to clear his name is to expose those pulling the strings. Gabriel is plunged into a sinister dark world where it seems every hare-brained conspiracy is real, and everyone in power wants him dead.

Better Red than Dead by John Leet Better Red than Dead (2019)

"Agent Blue, meet Agent Red, PRISM's latest recruit. A street smart broad with blades in her stilettos." In 1970's Britain, a routine mission turns into a fight for survival when Agents Red and Blue discover the existance of a rogue agent, and a frantic race to save America from all-out chemical warfare.


If you lived forever, what would you become? Through the ages four immortal friends have had time on their side, and there is magic too, but every spell has a cost, and that cost is time itself.

My Secret Family by John Leet

1991 My Secret Family

Sophie has a past, something she's getting over, so when her friends challenge her to a dieting competition things get complicated. Now Max, an odd artist with an odd smile, stages a work of performance art for Sophie and loses weight himself, to show her what she is doing to herself and those around her. Sophie is difficult to convince when her friends are always whispering in her ear and her boyfriend starts throwing his weight around.

Sugar Crash by John Leet

2001 Sugar Crash

The 2015 re-imagining of My Secret Family

Blood Game by John Leet

2004 Blood Game

"I have bats with a Pablo Neruda quote on my hip, teapot on my wrist, a poem quote of mine along my shoulders and a black cat on my ribs. They're all fairly small except my bats, and they're on my hip so no-one sees them. They're for me, not many people know about em really. But if people ask I tell, cuz I do love them to bits"
Caroline is a quiet girl from an abusive family. One day walking from school she meets the confident and rich Leyla, who gives her an escape. They discover they have something in common, they both cut themselves, but for different reasons. Soon their obsession takes a darker turn...
Based on the chilling real life events that terorised a small town in California in the 80s.

The Heist(2020)

The greatest heist in history was pulled off right under our noses. When gold was decoupled from currency the value of gold did not decrease. The decoupled gold was sold, making the gold bearers a cool $1Trillion profit virtually overnight. How did they get away with it? Who were they? And where is the money now?


In 1970's Britain, one American immigrant is about to change music forever.

The Superpantheon(2020)

A periodic table of deities.
Our greatest history may have been a simple mistranslation.

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