Thumb Wars

All across the world people are in a vicious thumb war for your mind. That’s right, social media polarizes your nation and your world. Pick any viewpoint and half the population wants to kill you, regardless of facts, statistics, or history. People will claim their viewpoint is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Ronald Reagan had Star Wars, Donald Trump has Thumb Wars.

Writing is also a battle for your mind. I’m constantly battling my thumbs, they work at different speeds to my thoughts, and they often type what I don’t mean. They speak a different language than mine.
Sometimes I can just let my thumbs go ahead and do what they want while I sit back and drink coffee, when they’re done I’ll read over the words and try to turn the thumbed out sketch into something coherent, a painting with color and texture.

But writing is a battle for your thoughts. How do I tell the story that I need to tell you and also keep your attention long enough to share my story? One way is to make you care about the characters and what they’re trying to do. Another is to create an impending dread, to trigger something primal that causes you to turn the page. These are all tricks, but sometimes they are necessary to get you to read the next page.

One two three four I declare a thumb war! And we’re off, me vs your attention.

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