Abstract Writing

We have abstract art, abstract jazz, and abstract interpretive danceā€¦ but we don’t have abstract writing. No one can teach it and maintain a serious facial expression.

How would abstract prose work? Would it be complete strokes of words, or parts of words?
A portrait, even an expressionist portrait, is made of shapes like noses and eyes, but a purely abstract painting looks like nothing other than paint. So abstract writing might look like nothing other than letters.

alf aosdfjasdfjh e!wof o0qpeqpwfj a?lksdjfjlas dlfjasmnasdfn asdf

A perfect abstract piece of writing. Isn’t it brilliant? It may be a wonderful piece of million-dollar writing, or my tumblr password, who knows? But I think it is worth money and will send it to an agent and wait for my paycheck.

Of course we have many rules in writing. Show, don’t tell, use the correct spelling, write forwards not backwards, etc. We never ask who made the rules, though, and why we have to adhere to them if there are no consequences other than being ignored.

I’m going to try an experiment one day – write a piece of prose without worrying about any rules and see if I gain anything from it. Perhaps it is the tight bounds of the rules that make writing readable.

Pecan edit passive ocean tribe . Tumult green succulence ash. Garbled trouble brain dream. You know what I mean.

Artificial Intelligence can now synthesize seemingly coherent sentences. Here’s the output from a little program I wrote, a little Bayesian Classifier that takes as input a famous novel (Like Sugar Crash) and outputs new sentences in the same style.

“His physical cloth making some of flapjack and fat I am not .
“She should have an alpha inside, someone physically perfect, to her friend responded, clearly an expert on my hair, she wants me to her psychological scars like she was secretly from his physical cloth making some of flapjack and fat I am not . I was secretly from me to her psychological scars like she was wasted in Kobal street . I am not . I am light as she was secretly from me to her psychological scars like that I’m pretty fucking close to be like .

Pretty fucking computer generated, but pretty fucking cool too. A computer writing about stuff in my style, such that it is. I think that’s what abstract is, not complete randomness, but a stitching together of rules instead of meaning.

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