C’eci ne’st pas une Pipe

Is what a writer writes really real?

I have written words, can you hit someone over the head with them? Certainly not! Words are entertainment. They may talk about important or trivial issues, but words themselves are not harmful.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. That is my choice.

There is an argument that “a word can harm me” but this is not true. This is manipulative. To be harmed by physical violence is sometimes unavoidable and tragic. But to be harmed by words is a choice. I choose how to receive words, by understanding where they come from and what they are saying without mapping my own aggression on them.

Is the word gun a harmful word? Should it be banned? What about the word pipe. Pipe has many meanings. A pipe can be used to beat someone over the head, and to some this makes the word pipe dangerous. A pipe can take delicious orange juice from a factory and put it into a bottle, and some say this is delectable. It’s the same word.

We must never let people burn books (or the modern equivalent of silencing words) just because we map our own anger onto them.

The most dangerous words are the truth, and these are always the first words to be silenced.

The Useful Idiots

These days we hear a lot about Socialism, how free healthcare should be implemented for all. It’s a good idea, who doesn’t want the security of state-run healthcare? All it takes is 30% more tax, and there is enough for everyone.

It’s not as simple (Canada, France, etc have implemented tax-funded Healthcare though they are not socialist countries.)

In the case of America, health-care is used as socialism fuel, and socialism makes people uncomfortable given the history of the United States and its uneasy relationship with Russia, especially during the Cold War. During the Cold Ware Russia sent many agents to America to infiltrate every possible influential position – media, schools, universities, and succeeded on numerous occasions to inject false documents (the Fake News of the day) into the political system. For example, claiming that the president endorsed a Socialist country’s actions, or claiming that a country was allied with America’s enemies. Along with state-run facilities come a few other problems, and this is where the resistance to The Resistance comes from.

When socialist systems are implemented they must, by definition, remove all opposition to Socialism. A socialist system cannot survive any type of intellectualism, individualism, or freedom of speech, because individual rights are not socialist. Socialist is groupthink, enforced by the military. Individualism causes people to ask questions. Questions about why everyone is working their whole lives and the government lives in luxury. Questions about why there is only one political party, one news outlet, and so on. A competitive news media gives, to some degree, the sense that there is freedom.

When Socialism is to be implemented in a country the upper-middle class intellectuals, scholars, and journalists (collectively termed Useful Idiots), are used to prop up the virtues of Socialism. Some are direct agents, and some go along and are easily influenced by these agents. In some cases they cause riots, sew distrust among their own people, even create false flag attacks (such as the fake US Attack on Mecca). This is called Active Measures, the ideology of creating instability so that the Socialist system seems the most stable solution by comparison, and any other type of ism, such as capitalism, seems frail and fraught with turbulence, on the verge of collapse.

Once the Socialist demoralization takes place, it is time to assassinate the Useful Idiots. In the lightest terms it results in Character Assassination, the removal of someone from power by some legal action. Once the ball of Socialism is rolling, the impatient dictators in waiting resort to more permanent measures, such as the assassination vans of the Lenin era who simply collected intellectuals, executed them on the side of the road, and left their bodies for the working-class to deal with. The same thing happened in the mass killings in Cambodia under Pol Pot (they wear the same red uniform), China, Yugoslavia, Mongolia, and of course the mass killings in Nazi Germany, and countless other places where the Great Purge is implemented to remove all dissenting voices. The Socialist movement is currently underway in South Africa (the opposition wear the same red uniform and call for the death of intellectuals, and to seize the means of production).

After Socialism is in place, and the Useful Idiots are buried, there exists a nation of obedient workers, a strong military, and a super-rich dictatorship thoroughly insulated from the working class, and it can often take the combined efforts of many countries to free the people from this oppressive regime.