The Scars on Her Body Tell a Tale

Hey, this is nice. This is neat. Neato. A whole infinite space to fill up with words. Whatever shall I write...   So here's what's up. My friend Abby tells me "Hey, John, you need to publish that little story of yours, you know, the one about the scars." This is intense pressure. Abby is a dear friend, and letting her down feels like letting down the world. I get out a draft of Blood Game and it goes from being a short story into a Novella. I love Novellas... So underappreciated in the so-called 'West', but loved in Mexico. Read 'em on a bus. Carry 'em in your pocket. Pass 'em round and share 'em with your friends. Novellas are fun to write. You don't have to go deep into every character's nuance and idle dialogue, but can keep the story skipping by at a healthy pace. Philip K Dick was the King of the Novella. Get an idea, get it out, get a new idea. His Novellas stacked up fast. Can't count how many movies were made from them - Blade Runner, Running Man, etc. Novellas are ideal Movie Books -- their shorter length means more happens in an hour, rather than over a month. So Blood Game is now a novella. I'm turning it into a full-blown novel too, in-between writing other things, but it stands up just fine the way it is. Confession time: I've never cut myself. Yeah, I know Blood Game is a Serious Topic, but all the anecdotes are from people I've met and not from some inner turmoil. About 1 in 4 people I know have cut themselves... for all sorts of reasons, but I don't think anyone has done it for the same motives that the characters in the book have done! What is that you say? Well read it and find out!
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