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Do you need an editor? I can help polish your first draft to create the highest quality manuscript possible.

Developmental Editing, Line Editing, and Proof-Reading.
Critique, Reviews, and Feedback.
Layout and Cover Design.

Editing Services

Novel Editing
Research Paper Editing
Academic Editing (Up to PhD Level)
Autobiographies and Biographies
Corporate Reports
Journalism, News Articles
Teaching Materials
Magazine Articles
Cover Design
Fiction Editing
Non-Fiction Editing
Technical Editing
Tenders for Contracts or Business

Editing Rates

Complete Edit and Proof - a complete line edit, developmental edit, proofread, and online review. Also formatting for publication.
15c / word. +- R9500 per novel

or individual services:

Professional Proof-reading - find those hard-to spot logical and grammatical errors. Receive honest feedback.
5c / word. +- R2500 per novel

Line Edit - Detailed editing of spelling, grammar, misused words, tenses, dialogue, etc.
10c / word. +- R4650 per novel.

Developmental Edit - Structural editing, advice on plot, characters, style, tone, and mood.
A detailed critique and honest feedback.
5c / word. += R3500 per novel.

Format your novel to publishing standard, using styles and templates.
Price depends on the complexity of the project
For a novel the cost is +- R1000

These prices are a guide, please send as much of your manuscript as possible for an exact quote.
You do not need to have a completed novel to begin editing.

I will review your book on Amazon or Kindle and leave positive feedback, while sending you any critique privately.
R350 + Cost of Book

What to do next

Email me as much information as possible, including your manuscript, notes, and character sheets.
- You do not need a complete manuscript.
- Send your work in docx, doc, or txt format.
I will send you a no obligation quote and include a time-frame for editing, as well as a simple contract.
- I accept payment terms up to 6 months, with pro-rata work done.
- I accept direct bank transfer, but can also accept PAYPAL via
Make your first payment, and editing will begin.
I will give you a weekly progress report, make notes in the manuscript, make corrections, and compile a list of questions.
We may go back and forth a few times. If something needs to be rewritten, I'll explain exactly why.
You can choose to accept or reject each editing point. I use the Track Changes feature available in Microsoft Word and LibreOffice.
I will make corrections to wrong grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.
- You will see exactly what was changed every step of the way.
Once your manuscript is complete, I will proof-read it, and prepare the final manuscript layout in Standard Manuscript Format.
You receive: A much improved manuscript with correct grammar, punctuation, word use, and layout, ready to query with any agent or publisher.


Why do I need an editor?
Even the best writers make mistakes all the time, but that is not an editor's main purpose. An editor will improve your writing. There is no better way of refining your own style than by working with an editor on your book. Unlike journalism school where your individuality is hammered out of you, an editor will help you express your own voice clearly and powerfully.

Do I need to accept every edit?
No. Your book will always remain your creation. I am here to help you improve your book and improve your writing.

How long does it take to edit my 80,000 word novel?
For first time writers expect a 3 month turnaround. There are often overly complex sentences and plot holes that need to be carefully untangled.
For seasoned writers with fewer issues the turnaround time is around 1 month.

Do you edit short stories, novellas, or a synopsis?
Yes, absolutely.

How many books have you worked on?
Over 20 commercial novels as of this writing, 20 shorter pieces, and over 150 magazine articles, blogs, and news items. I am also the author of 6 novels.

Do you edit children's books, or YA Novels?

Do you edit erotica, dark horror, or fringe writing?
I do. I read and enjoy every type of book.

Can we discuss the book on the phone?
All my clients are welcome to call or skype me, after agreeing on a time. I do switch off all phones etc while working.

Do I need to complete my manuscript before hiring an editor?
No. Send what you have. Often an editor can help you write the remainder with more detail and clarity.

Will you ghost write my book?
I will consider it, based on the subject. A book can take a year or more to produce and all expenses will need to be covered.

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