The Ark

In ancient Vedic tales the word Ark refers to a rainbow, or Arch created in the rain.
It also refers to the passage of the Sun in the sky.
A 7 coloured arch/bow in the sky, created by the golden Sun. This is called The 7 Chakras, or disks of light.
Surrounded in a blue veil - the sky.
When night falls (ie The End of Days) the ark is not seen again.

In ancient texts The Ark surrounds a Golden Pot containing Manna (Manna = knowledge, light, 'enlightenment').
Golden pot = the sun, the golden cup.
After a flood people saw a rainbow, and they knew the rain was over.
After traveling through a desert people saw a rainbow and knew water was near.
(Ark of the Covenant literally means an arch/bow in the cove/haven/sky)

Irish mythology has the Leprechaun's pot of gold (the sun) at the end of the rainbow tunnel.

Mayan mythology talks of Ix Chel, the Lady of the Rainbow. Rainbows can be caused by the moon(Ix Chel) as well, a rare and auspicious event