Norse Word Origins

Norse, or North Sea people, refers to a group of cultures that traveled and traded with European, North African, and East-European lands, occasionally traveling West and further East.
Their knowledge of the sky, language, and navigation influenced the cultures they visited (or created). Trading with countries meant they had to learn the languages and systems of these cultures.

General usage
God - Gott - Chief Star - The Sun.
Heaven - Haefen / Haefon / Haven - Sky

Days of the week
Origin of the Days of the week, from the 7 celestial bodies known to the Norse
(the people traveling between Europe, North Africa, Scandinavia)

Day Planet Dutch Latin Norse Christianism Literal Meaning
Sunday Sun Zondag Sol Godt God Father
Monday Moon Maandag Mare Mani, Mare Mary / Virgin Ocean / Mother
Tuesday Mars Dinsdag Mars Tius / Duirs   Red
Wednesday Mercury Woensdag Mercurius Odin / Wodin
(Holy Spirit)
( Holy Ghost)
Thursday Jupiter Donderdag Jove Thor   Darkness / Thunder
Friday Venus Vrijdag Lucifer Frigg / Freyr / Hesus / Iesus Jesus Love / Light
Saturday Saturn Zaterdag Saturnus Saterm, Laeger(wash) Sabath, Satan Bath day / Goat

Angel, ArchAngel, Fairies, Nymphs
How do you teach people where to find the planets? You create a story based on the stars.
The Norse word for star is Angel, which literally means a light in the sky.
Navigating by the wrong star could lead you around in circles, so the planets are called Arch-Angels, or moving lights, deceptive lights.
The Greeks called the planets "Heros", great beings of light that traveled through the Heavens, and translated the stories about them from other cultures.
Ancient Norse developed a symbolic notation to represent the paths of the planets. These symbols appear everywhere in Norse settlements.
The symbols are called Sigils, Veves, Seals. (The 7 Seals refers to the paths of the 7 celestial bodies)

Days of the month
Origin of the days of the months, from the 12 (originally 13) constellations, each containing a star for each day.

  Greek Latin Meaning / Symbolism Roman Etruscan Norse
Januray   Janus
Month of Janus (God of doorways and gates) Janus   Januarie
February   Februa Purification  Februum   Februarius
Intercalaris (Deprecated by Julius)   Intercalaris
(Original beginning of the year)
Ares Martius Mars' Month  Mars   Marche
April Aphrodite
Aprilis  Fools / Lovers month Venus Apru Aprilis
May   Maia Goddess of spring, daughter of Vulcan Maia   Mai
June   Junius
Goddess of marriage
Wife of Jupiter
Juno   Jun
July   Julius Julius Ceasar's month Julius Caesar   Julie
August   Augustus
August Ceasar's month
6TH month
September   September
7th month  Septem
October   October 8th month Octo
November   November 9th month Novemris
December   December 10th month Decem

The word Zodiac literally means "A circle of animals". It refers to the division of the night sky into sections.
Each section is called a Sign, and ancient astronomers and travelers made up pictures from the stars to help them remember, and to navigate at night.

Holy days
Helig Dag, HeiligeDag, Holidays.
Ramadan - Waiting for the Moon (Rama), fasting during the day. The last day is Eid (celebrating the sunrise, breaking the fast), where one forgives the wrongdoings of others (see the lord's prayer)
Christmas - The celebration of Venus, or Mercury
Easter - The celebration of Venus, the East Star. (Called the East Star because people in Eastern Europe celebrated the Equinox at the first new moon after Mid Winter / Passover)
Mithra - 16th day of 7th Month, beginning of Islamic Calendar

Common Mistranslations

Phrase Literal
Manna from Heaven Knowledge of the sky
Virgin Mary Pale Moon
God in Heaven The Sun in the Sky
In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti The name of the Sun, Venus, and Mercury
Amen The Egyptian Sun God

Common terms

Bible Book of God = Book of the Sun
Crucify to cross paths ( Crucifix = + )
Haefon Sky
Hel Night sky, also a natural port in GDansk (Now Poland)
Magi Magux, Majus, Magian, Magician, Shaman, = Star seer., A King's Astronomy teacher
Manna Knowledge, Mana is old Norse for the Planet Venus. (white dot that appears in the sky at dusk) . Possibly also snow or stars (white dots falling from haefon)
=Manna from Haefon that feeds the spirit (Venus and Mercury together in the sky)
Mary Mare = Ocean = Moon (Ocean Mother). Ave Maria = Greet the moon.
Mediterranean Middle Earth, Midgard.
Mercurial Mercury - Quick, fast thinker, flighty, volatile. (The Hindu word for Mercury is Buddha - the clever uncle)
Nightmare Night water, or night sweat, usually caused by bad dreams.
Orient Of the stars Orion - The East Stars. The Three Kings of Orient.Orientation- Across.
Prophet From the old Greek Pro-Vates, meaning to read old words. Prophets were people who could read old sailing documents and predict traveling routes, seasons, etc.
Resurection The return of love (Venus returning to the sky in Spring after going below the horizon/underworld)
Spiritus Planet Mercury.
Tree of Knowledge Norse term for the chart that showed the 9 celestial bodies
Virgin Without colour / white (Virgin Mary = White Moon, Virgin snow = white snow)
Serk /Sheik/Sak Cloth. Berserkers are "People who are covered in cloth"

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti - The name of the Sun, Venus, and Mercury
"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, teaching them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" (teach the nations about the Sun, Venus, and Mercury)