The Superpantheon - A Chart of Deities through history

The SuperPantheon
A Periodic Table of Deities

Original Research by John Leet.

The SuperPantheon Chart

Showing the evolution of the astrological and astronomical deities through cultures and time, and how they came to mean what they mean today.

Star Clocks and Trade Routes

Star Clocks - To travel the globe you need to know your position, and direction. Two of the greatest challenges in ancient seafaring.
Trade Routes
- The evolution of language can be discovered by examining ancient trade routes

Star Gazers

Famous Gazers and symbols in history
The Sky Map / Earth Map overlay

Word definitions

of important days and concepts
We still use the ancient words in our everyday lives, like in the days of the week.

Every word was invented by someone... so where did the words in modern religions and beliefs come from? Why do we call things what they are?

Norse Sailors spread the earliest writing, they spread their atronomical knowledge and tales, adding their own accounts to teach the world about the stars.
This profound knowledge of navigation and seasons captured the imagination of many cultures. They created fantastic stories based on events in the sky.

Popular stories

Similar stories appear in many ancient texts. Their origins explained:

The Egyptian Chant / The Lord's Prayer / The Sun Day Prayer
The Birth of Venus / The Birth of Isis / The Birth of Hesus / The Birth of Jesus
The Story of Jesus and Christ/ The Story of Isis and Mercury/ The story of Hesus and Frigg
The Adam / Eve story
The Ark

Other ideas

Types of deities across the globe
Language and writing

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The Superpantheon (c) 2014 ZEN
While researching the meaning of names in the North Sea region I stumbled across this wide range of knowledge and etymology. As a native Afrikaans speaker I instantly recognised some misinterpretations in the scholarly Poetic Edda translations (Afrikaans is a resurrection of the oldest languages known to the Norse tribes) which gave me a "Eureka" moment when all the stories made sense as literal astronomical transcripts, and not of strange and magical creatures. After discovering that ancient texts were simply astronomical observations I started plotting these words back through history, and everything made sense. I hope you will find this information enjoyable and useful, and it will bring you closer to truth as it did for me!