There are similarities amongst the Norse runes, Hebrew alphabets, Greek, and Asian alphabets. The old writings are called Futharks, based on the first symbols F U BT A R

Elder Futhark vs Anglo Saxon


Similar symbols used for Venus, the first represents Venus crossing the moon (Mare), also used in maps to denote 'Here'.
The symbol appears behind the head in many paintings of Venus/Jesus/Isis/Ing.

"for the place where Jesus was crucified was above the city; and it was written in Hebrew, in Latin, in Greek."
(ie where Venus crossed behind the Moon)

The words INRI or INBI are said to be inscribed around the head. In Norse runes these translate to :
I= Isis, N=God, R/B = Giant / Moving star, I' = Moon (Mare, Water God), or Jesus God From Mary
It would make sense that Venus (ice god Isis )crossing the Moon (Mare - water god) to form the cross symbol, which later came to mean Earth
The God ING is the original Norse word for the Planet Venus . The B symbol can also mean thorn.


Codex Runicus
The oldest preserved law documents