Types of Deities across the globe

Each culture that has deities bases them on something important in their lives.
Worship is a Norse words that means to name, a worthy ship. It does not always mean to see as sentient.

Norse tribes / North Sea tribes
The Sun, Moon, and Planets.
Solar / Celestial / Astral deities, because the stars were important to their survival as sailors.

Central Africa
Animal deities, some solar deities, because animals were important to their survival as hunters.

North America
Insects, animals, the sun, dreams, and symbols. Some celestial influence.

South America
Social and farming deities, prediction by celestial events.
The South Americans wrote of "Winged Serpents" or "Feathered Serpents" who carried warriors to help build their temples.
Were these "Serpents" the Norse longboats?

A Norse longboat This South American drawing of a Winged Serpant looks just like a Norse longboat Teotihuacán - The temple of the Winged Serpent

Heavenly Emperors
Wu Xing - "The five celestial movements"
A metal ring placed on the finger symbolised Venus
Love, politics, and philosophy.

"Three aspects of God - Sun, Moon, Venus"
"The five celestial forms/bodies of God",

"The three aspects of God - Sun, Moon, Venus"
"Holy Days" - Sunday, East Star, Sabbath, Christ-mas, Lent

Mayans :
This video by Richard Feynman tells about maths behind the Mayan's preditions for Venus.
Celestial Heros, Harvest, and Exploration

Australia (400 tribes)
Dreams and geography, the sun, rainbows.