The Egyptian Prayer / The Lord's Prayer / The Sun-Day Prayer / Gottdag Worship

Worship comes from the Norse word WorthyShip, ie to give something a name.
This prayer was said before sunrise on the Sun Day - Norse & Egyptian day celebrating the Sun (Amen).
Sun Day was the day when knowledge of the stars was taught. (manna = knowledge)
The more important a deity was the more often they were celebrated, so the planets each have their own day of the week, and lesser deities have more sparse celebrations.

Ceremonial translation Literal Translation (Young's Literal) Contextual meaning
Our father who art in heaven The father who is in the heavens

Our sun in the sky . God in Heaven = Godt in Haefen = the sun in the sky

Hallowed be thy name Your name is celebrated This is the celebration day named after you
Thy kingdom come Your time/reign is coming

Morning is coming

Thy will be done on Earth You will come to pass over the Earth You will move over the Earth
as it is in heaven and pass through the heaven and through the Sky
Give us this day our daily bread Our appointed bread(Manna) give us to-day Bread = Manna =
(Norse word for knowledge, stars, Arabic word for Venus, God of revenge)
Give us knowledge of the stars
Mana also = Moon, so this could mean give us the moon in the day.
And forgive us our trespasses And forgive us our debts forgive our mistakes
As we forgive those who trespass against us as also we forgive our debtors and we'll forgive the mistakes of others
And lead us not into temptation And mayest Thou not lead us to temptation Don't let us be lazy
But deliver us from evil but deliver us from the evil (yfel) Evil = yfel = darkness, take away the dark
For thine is the kingdom because Thine is the reign The Sun is seen as the leader of the stars and planets
The power and the glory and the power, and the glory Shining bright
for ever and ever Amen to the ages Amen Amen - The Egyptian word for The Sun. The Sun Shining forever.