The Birth of Venus / The Birth of Jesus / The Birth of Isis / The Birth of Hesus

A story that occurs in many astral religions to remember the event of Venus crossing paths with the moon. (crucify = to cross)
In Astronomy it is called a Transit, and occurs every 100 years, making it a special event.
Cucifiction (crossing) is also called Conjunction.

Why is Venus called the God of Love?
Morning time is the time for love (ask any man), and the planet Venus is the only planet in the sky.
Where does the heart symbol for love come from?
The path of Venus, when traced from Earth, forms a heart, endlessly repeating (endless love).

venus heart orbit The orbit of Venus,
The birth of Venus from the Virgin Mother Mary giving Birth to Jesus (Mare birthing Venus)
The dark moon is a "Tomb"
The symbol for Venus / Moon together, Mother and daughter.
Traditional symbols to celebrate venus and the moon in transit / crucifiction / crossing. Eaten on East Star Holy Day.
ancient artistic interpretations of the sumbol- Jesus crossing with the Moon (Mare).
Botticelli's The Birth of Venus

The second is Venus emerging from the ocean (Mare).
Notice Mercury, the messenger,
the holy ghost (Odin), on the left.

Appelles - The Birth of Venus The third is from Pompeii.The Winged Cherub is a symbol for Mercury (The Divine Spirit). The little wings are called Nikes.

When venus touches the edge of the moon, it is said that the moon gives birth to Venus. This phenomenon happens every 100 years or so and sets the population abuzz with excitement.

Another name for the moon is Mare, or ocean mother, or virgin mother, and Venus has a common word ancestry with Jesus, Hesus, and Isis.
(The norse word for colourless is virgin)

So Mary giving birth to Jesus is a tale of Venus emerging from the Moon. The 3 Kings refer to Orions belt. The cave refers to the eclipse (rolling away the stone).

There are identical stories in other cultures -
In Norse tales of the sky The Virgin Mare (Moon) gives birth to Hesus (Venus)
In Akkadian tales Innana (Goddess of love) is born from the moon, travels under the horizon (into the underworld), and returns in Spring, re-surection.
In Egyptian mythology Mutta(mother/moon) gives birth to Isis (Venus)
In Greek mythology Artemis (The Virgin Moon) gives birth to Aphrodite(Venus), the goddess of love.
In Roman mythology Opis, or Diana (The Virgin Moon) gives birth to Venus.