The Story of Isis / The Story of Jesus

In 2009 an amazing celestial even took place, both Venus and Mercury passed behind the moon. A spectacular cosmic display that enthralled millions worldwide.
Was a similar event the story of Isis/Jesus/Iesus?
Following the planet Venus through the night sky. The sky is divided into Constellations to be easily remembered.

Jesus meets John The Baptist Venus passes through Aquarius, the water giver  
Jesus and the two fishermen, Simon and Andrew Venus passes through Pisces, the two fish  
Jesus the Lamb of God Venus passing through Aries  
Jesus on the lake Venus passing through the Milky Way (The Lake), and Taurus  
Jesus heals Castor and Pollux Venus passes through Gemini - Castor and Pollux  
  Venus passes through Cancer  
  Venus passes through Leo  
Jesus enters Jerusalem (Peace, Sunflower) Venus passes through Virgo / Harvest time  
  Libra - Scales / Market time  
The Last Supper The Feast of August  
Jesus is betrayed by Judas Venus passes through Scorpio, "the betrayer"  
Jesus is handed to Herod (darkness) Winter  
Jesus us handed to Pontius Pilate Sagittarius  
Jesus is crucified Venus passes over the moon's orbit  
Three days later Jesus rises from the darkness (roll away the stone) and discovered by Mary Venus appears behind the moon (Mare)